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Swimming is one of the most popular forms of fitness in the world, and for good reason – It's a great cardiovascular workout, builds endurance and is practically impossible to get injured by.

Join the Balance Spa & Health Club today and make a splash.

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 Our well-stocked spa and health club in dover has 22-metre-long swimming pool. A fast lane gives fitness enthusiasts plenty of space to put themselves through their paces and swim laps while the relaxed lane provides a comfortable space for you to enjoy your swim without feeling rushed or pressured.

If you want to keep an eye on your little ones or want a quieter space to take your time, the Balance Spa & Health Club in dover also has a smaller exercise pool. After an invigorating swim, why not treat yourself a bit? Our neighbouring spa pool is heated to a balmy 33-34°C, melting tensions away and providing a serene and therapeutic environment.


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Our membership is affordable yet gives you complete access to all of our facilities. To get started, come and talk to reception or give us a call at 01304 806 381



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