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It's never too late or too early to learn

We believe that swimming is a vital skill that everybody should have.

That's why we offer 1:1 swimming lessons with experienced and fully-qualified instructors, who each have experience in teaching children, adults and those with additional needs. Get to know what they're about below and feel free to contact them if you're interested.

Our swimming lessons in Dover can be carried out any time between 9am and 7pm.

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Tobie Lumley

Tobie has been with our spa and health club in dover since 2009, starting as a lifeguard. This experience led him to develop a desire to teach people one of the most important life skills there is.

He has been teaching since 2014, and has developed such a passion that he has now made 1:1 swimming lessons his full time career.

Lessons with Tobie are available for both adults and children, and can be booked by contacting him at 07901 836 409.


Sadie Milton

Sadie has worked with us since 2014, also starting off as a lifeguard. She has a competitive swimming background, being part of Dover Lifeguard where she reached regional-standard swimming.

She has been teaching since she was 14, starting off volunteering for the Dover Lifeguard Club and now teaching our 1:1 private lessons for both adults and children at Balance Spa & Health Club. She carried this passion through with her time at university, and now wishes to ignite this passion within other people through teaching both adults and children to swim.

She can be contacted at Sadie.milton@parkdean-resorts.com.


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